TransCo has ordered

TransCo has ordered an inventory and audit of the telecom facilities as those are in danger of being junked based on files acquired by the government.

“But we have been rebuffed with the aid of NGCP and denied get admission to to these web sites,” Matibag said. “We now demand for NGCP to come smooth and open these centers for inspection and audit by authorities to protect these from being scrapped and as a substitute be utilized for the authorities’s National Broadband System.”

“As experts tell us, with those gift centers the authorities can be capable of satisfy its promise of loose net to public faculties, public web sites and government centers in six months to 12 months,” he brought.

TransCo stated it intends to publications of motion towards NGCP.

“Right now we are preparing several lawsuits and to file a petition. I actually have forwarded this file also to the Office of the President, to the Senate, to the Congress for proper disposition and to report with ERC,” Matibag referred to.

He noted that in different countries, the machine operator and the market operator are one. “Only right here is it separated because of the EPIRA regulation.”

“What is the problem? The problem is with the regulation. We can’t violate the law. What I propose is for Congress to take a 2d appearance. If that’s what it takes to correct that mistake then so be it. But if that is the simplest manner to correct the wrong that is being accomplished then we have to undergo that method. However, we need to stage matters … if we can evaluate the terms of the concession settlement to make it responsive … installing mind the hobby of the general public,” Matibag said.

“If you’re asking me in my opinion, I think that is the real decision on our component, due to the fact I don’t need to go through the process of arbitration. Of route, as the government you furthermore may ought to honor contracts. But it’s now not only at the authorities aspect that must honor the contracts. There are always two parties to the settlement and each must honor it,” he said.

“The Congress can investigate NGCP franchise because a franchise is just a prerogative and is a condition. For them to keep having a concession, they have to have a franchise,” he added.

NGCP Statement
“Since NGCP took over energy transmission services in 2009, it has constantly been obvious with its operations. It is unlucky that the issue on the use of the fiber optic network for the country wide broadband application has been brought to the eye through TransCo,” NGCP Chief Administrative Officer Anthony Almeda said.

“NGCP reiterates that it does not earn something from present fiber optic centers. The major cause of the network is for the shipping of efficient strength transmission offerings. However, NGCP remains open to transactions with any entity who’s fascinated to develop the national broadband network, with the countrywide authorities as our priority,” Almeda said.

“NGCP remains devoted to its mandate as transmission provider issuer with the overall consciousness of its nature as a public application, and in complete compliance with the regulations and policies of the regulator, and existing legal guidelines governing its transmission operations,” he introduced.

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