In 2011, The Department

In 2011, The Department of Science and Technology (DoST) project in the usage of the transmission belongings for its “iGovernment Philippines” became purported to installation a secured government-shared network for the (1) deployment of government information systems, (2) facilitation of catastrophe reaction and (3) provide government groups with connectivity.

NGCP, after ignoring for months numerous request letters from then TransCo President Rolando Bacani, relaying the stated government project, rejected the proposed government shared network claiming that they need to maintain one of a kind use of the existing fiber optic network of the grid below concession,” Matibag stated.

It took NGCP 5 months to answer the government’s more than one requests, simplest to ultimately reject the concept, Matibag stated. Since then nothing became heard of the authorities’s or the DOST’s fiber optic network.

“However, we obtained reports that decommissioning and dismantling activities were ordered and focused to be completed by means of May 2017. All materials to be retrieved on the web sites are said to be for the contractors’ very own disposal,” he said.

A task of this nature and importance requires a settlement among the proprietor and NGCP. However, this changed into carried out without the Power Sector Assets and Liabilities Management Corp.’s (PSALM) and TransCo’s know-how or consent. There turned into additionally no longer utility or petition with the Energy Regulatory Commission (ERC), in patent violation of the provisions of EPIRA Law and the concession agreement, TransCo claimed.

In Section 26 of the EPIRA Law presents 3 standards for any related commercial enterprise to be validly engaged in by using an electricity application: There should be a petition to ERC; A portion of the net income from the mission have to be used to lessen wheeling charges (to be determined with the aid of ERC); And maintenance of separate accounts for the project.
“To our knowledge, none of those requisites had been happy. TransCo could have been afforded the right to intervene as Asset-Owner, if ever such Petition become filed with the ERC,” Matibag stated.

“It may be very clear that without the consent of ERC, PSALM and Transco this venture changed into undertaken void of legality. More importantly, the concealment deprived the public of its percentage (in the shape of reduction in transmission charges) from the consideration NGCP found out, and in all likelihood still realizing from the contract,” Matibag said. “This explains their rejection of presidency requests for a broadband device from the outset,” he added.

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